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    Monte Verde Natural Mineral Water


    Monte Verde Sparkling Mineral 

    RM98 Water 20 x 500ml

    Sourced from one of the best location of the Italian Alps, Monte Verde mineral water comes from the flows of Northern Italy’s ancient glacial Pre-Alps of Lombardy. As sip of the Monde Verde mineral water will send your senses into experiencing Italy’s natural calmness through its rich characteristics. This mineral water exudes a naturally smooth and crisp taste through constant contact with the subsoil and rocks of the Italian Alps. From this process, the components of this mineral water preserve its good taste as well as provide subtle yet adequate nourishment to the human body. Due to the balance of this water’s mineral contents, one of its major health benefits is that it aids the human digestive system and helps to breakdown of food intake for better nutrient absorption by the body. Apart from that, its mineral contents also provide the necessary minerals that are needed by the human body, making it suitable for the consumption of people from all walks of life.

    This Product is with the Halal Certificate and Logo at the Label.   

    Pack Size: 20 x 500ml
    Remark: only sale in carton