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Cousino Macul Antiguas Reservas Merlot

The 2013-2014 season was one of extreme climates: a dry winter, a very cold spring period and extremely high temperatures during the summer. The only important rainfalls during the winter of 2013 were recorded by the end of May, while the remaining months presented only scattered and irrelevant precipitations. Nevertheless there were no complications in providing the proper irrigation for the vineyard. Temperatures were mild, in general, which resulted in gradual, optimal ripening of our grapes. The absence of precipitation during the final ripening stage encouraged optimal crop health.

Cousino Macul Don Matias Merlot

Season 2014-2015 had the highest temperatures and least amount of frosts in the last 3 years. It`s main characteristics was the absence of rainfalls during the flowering and harvest period, giving us very healthy grapes to work with. High temperatures got our grapes faster to the optimal ripening, giving to our wines a discreet acidity, structured tannins and higher aromatic intensity.

Cousino Macul Finis Terrae Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot

The season 2011-2012 began with a very dry winter, followed by a warm springtime that allowed for an even sprouting. The summer presented higher average temperatures than normal, resulting in an advance in the harvesting date for the majority of the varieties. The sanitary condition of the grapes was very good and with a correct ripening thanks to the climate conditions. In general the wines are correct in their fruit, harmonious and structured, with present and soft tannins.

Cousino Macul LOTA

2010 was a difficult season, according to our viticulturist Ms. Carole Dumont: “We had a very cool spring, followed by an extremely dry and hot summer and a harvest that began very late comparing it with the last year, nevertheless we managed to overcome all these variables and we are very pleased with this harvest.” Rosario Palma, winemaker, says that the 2010 vintage wines will be outstanding in all varieties. The reds will highlight for their maturity, smoothness and consistency, especially Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jacob’s Creek Merlot

Liqueur Creme de Peche de Vigne de Bourgogne is created from fine Burgundy peaches that are going at peak maturation in late summer. White and red streaks of these fruits give the drink a delicious golden color. To produce a liquor tank filled to 2/3 filled with alcohol and fruit, infusion takes place at room temperature for 10- 12 weeks to obtain the best result. Before filtration beverage tested, then the crystallized sugar is added. Thanks to this technology is born beautiful liqueur, endowed with rich peach aroma and taste.

Mas La Chevaliere Merlot

This is one of the most popular wines from IGP Pays d'Oc. This wine has been climbing in popularity during the year.