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(P) Monkey Shoulder

The name Monkey Shoulder comes from the traditional malt whisky making process. In the old days, malt men would use large heavy malt shovels to turn malted barley by hand. Some of these malt men would develop a strain injury which had the tendency to cause their arm to hang down a little like a monkey and they nicknamed this condition “Monkey Shoulder”. The condition no longer exists but William Grant & Sons honour this whisky heritage. The bottle is labelled “Batch 27” as a reference to the original experimental batching of 27 casks. Bottled at the standard 40% ABV.

Grant’s The Family Reserve

Cosmo named from the central Alps near the Shinshu Marks Whisky Distillery. Cosmo is a blend of Shinshu Malts and Scottish Malts. The result is a culmination of complexity and depth.

Hendrick’s Gin

This is the fourth most highly rated Morellino di Scansano wine (based on critic scores): the 2009 vintage was given a score of 90 by Wine Spectator.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky

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Malibu Coco


Nothing beats an original. But Malibu isn’t just an original, it’s sunshine in a bottle with a smooth fresh flavor. That’s why it’s the world’s best-selling coconut flavored Caribbean rum.



Martell Noblige Angel Chen Edition 2021


“For me, Maison Martell is built on tradition, but also open to the vitality of the contemporary world. This energy is at the core of my inspiration.”- Angel Chen

TASTING NOTES Colour: Dark gold with copper hues.

Aroma: Abundant fruit notes of pear and prune, exotic hints of vanilla pod and caramelised grape, and a distinctive woody character with notes of myrrh, cedar and fine-grained oak.

Taste: An elegantly structured marriage of strength and smoothness with a good length.