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42 Below Pure


42 Below Vodka is made in New Zealand. It need to create it at a latitude of 42 degrees below the equator. This amazing vodka is made from wheat from the purist wheat fields in the world, and water from a volcanic spring, that achieves the highest purity rating possible.

TASTING NOTES Colour- Clear Aroma- Hints of aniseed emerge from a clean nose Palate- initial sweetness quickly followed by a cracked black pepper heat Finish- aniseed, liquorice overriding aniseed in the peppery finish

Absolut Blue


Bold, original, creative. Absolut Vodka launched in New York, 1979. Our transparent and label-less bottle, inspired by an 18th Century medicine bottle, stood out from its tall, flashy, competitors. This was 1970s New York, after all. You had to be different to get noticed.



Absolut Elyx


Absolut Elyx is a true luxury vodka, built on the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship, distilled in a manually operated vintage copper still from 1921. The result is an award winning vodka with a rich and smooth mouth feel. We call it liquid silk. Perfect for your martinis or even on the rocks.

NOSE: Clean, rich, rounded, fresh bread and notes of white chocolate and light cereal and with a deep mellow spice. PALATE: Full bodied, luscious silky mouthfeel with waves of rich macadamia nuts, creamed cereal and garnishes of white chocolate and buttery notes of freshly baked bread. Light fresh nuttiness with a well-balanced hint of mellow spice and pure balanced richness. FINISH: Rounded mellow spice with fresh nuttiness and a well balanced warm smooth finish.

Absolut Kurant


Blackcurrant. This sweet berry ripens in July  just as Swedes take their well-deserved vacation after having survived yet another long, cold and dark winter. Grown in your typical Swede’s country house backyard and in the wild, black currant is close to our heart for many reasons. This is our tribute to it. Skål!


Absolut Lime


Since the launch of Absolut Lime with its natural and not overly-sweet flavor, bartenders and “trytobees” at home have one less thing to think about when trying to impress their guests with that perfectly balanced drink. Cheers to another citrus sibling that brings to both classic and new drinks a unique character and an Absolut twist! While we’re on the subject, the Absolut Lime Vodkarita or Absolut Lime Mule never disappoint.


Absolut Mandarin


The 2017 is very light in colour and body, but shows fine concentration from the dry 2017 vintage. Spellbinding notes of passion fruit and fig excite the nose, while hints of orange blossom and minerals give complexity. It is richly textured and dry, with a nicely balanced tropical fruit core and citrus edge. Gentle notes of creme de cassis give extra depth to a serious, yet generous palate. It is linear in style, with a spine of fresh acidity that carries layers of long-lasting fruit.


Absolut Vanilla


Vanilla. This magnificent flavor that can enhance pretty much everything from cookies to… well you name it.  Perfect for those with a sweet tooth or the ones that are into experimenting with contrasting flavors. The versatility of vanilla is also true when making drinks – regardless if you’re going for something simple like a Vanilia Espresso Martini, or something as provocative as a Pornstar Martini.


Alaska Original Vodka


The uniquely pure and mild taste of Alaska Vodka gives the spirit its main character. Its taste is unbelievably smooth and easily recognizable. Bursting from the highest natural sources, spring water is the ingredient that soothes the spirit and gives it a balanced, harmonized taste.


Beluga Allure (with leather gift box)


Beluga Allure has been created following a special recipe. This prestigious vodka is based on the water produced according to the terroir principles from the company’s own 300 meters deep artesian wells and unique malt alcohol. The addition of maple syrup and fig infusion gives Beluga Allure a subtle taste and a noble aroma. After a complex purification process the vodka ‘rests’ for sixty days and in consequence thereof, the taste of Beluga Allure becomes deep, complete and perfect.

Beluga Gold Line


A super premium vodka from Beluga. A large 1.5 litre magnum bottle of Beluga's high quality gold line vodka, complete with hammer to break the wax seal that closes the bottle.


NOSE- Clean and fresh with a creamy note and hint of cinnamon.

PALATE- Incredibly pure, with a creamy texture and hints of vanilla, white pepper and sage.

FINISH- Long and crisp, with the hint of vanilla the last to disappear.


Beluga Noble (with Cavia)/(with glass)


A classic Russian vodka, clean and crisp with a little bit of grain flavour. Perfect for drinking straight, as is the Russian way, Beluga has become a huge word of mouth success story since first pitching up on these shores in 2009. Beluga is made, unusually, with barley malt spirit, and is very lightly flavoured with honey and extracts of oat and milk thistle.


Beluga Transatlantic


A crisp and fresh-tasting vodka from Beluga, inspired by the success of the Russian transatlantic sailing team who broke the record for speed of crossing back in 2011.

Beluga Transatlantic Racing Special Edition Vodka