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(Pre-Order) Monkey 47 ‘Schwarzwald’ Dry Gin (Bathing Ape Limited Edition)

BAPE® shares Monkey 47’s passion for innovation and has partnered with global brands from a wide range of industries to create unique items for different collaborations. This most recent collaboration will see the fashion powerhouse fuse with the stylish gin brand to create a wild and wonderful walk through a technicolour jungle.
This fairly uncommon Gin comes from the Black Forest in Germany, Monkey 47 contains a fairly unusual ingredient: Cranberries! The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin, and the fact it's bottled at a healthy 47%. Predictably complex, this is a robust and powerful gin with plenty of spice, fruit and herb flavours. It's very well structured, and difficult to unpick but a citrus fresh start segues into pine and wood notes for a drying finish.

Beefeater 24 Gin


Made in the heart of London from 12 hand-selected botanicals including Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green teas, Beefeater 24 is Master Distiller, Desmond Payne's, contribution to the Beefeater legacy: a sophisticated and modern interpretation to inspire top mixologists around the world to create contemporary cocktails.



Beefeater Gin


One London distillery, 9 stills and as many botanicals make the world's most awarded gin under the supervision of the world's most experienced Master Distiller.



Bombay Sapphire


Bombay Sapphire is one of the few gins that's transcended the category and with its iconic blue bottle, has become one of the world's most recognized spirits.

TASTING NOTES Colour: Clear water-like. Aroma: Citrus, lemon, juniper and floral fruity. Palate: Oily, thick, spicy lemon, floral and juniper. Finish: Tight, long, eat, coriander, juniper and balanced citrus.



Gin is a clear, high-alcohol drink whose flavor is created by distilling neutral grain spirit with a combination of plant extracts (botanicals), most famously juniper berries. It can be consumed neat, but is most commonly used as an ingredient in mixed drinks and cocktails.

Bosford Dry London Gin


Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin


Brookie’s Byron Bay Dry Gin is a beautifully balanced combination of the finest regional botanicals in a truly classic gin.

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Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin


Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin is the first of its kind. Made in the traditional style of the English ‘Sloe’ gin, Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin showcases a unique rainforest fruit native to the subtropical region of Byron Bay, the Davidson Plum. Expect exhilarating flavours of rose, watermelon, and bright plum.

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Bulldog Gin


The definition of the brand, which was coincidentally released in the Chinese Year of the Dog (2006), begins with the bottle. It is dark, stout, and crowned with a spiked dog collar around the neck, making it is as eye-catching as the liquor inside is captivating.

Bulldog London Dry Gin Infused with a seductive merge of natural botanical such as Dragon Eye, Poppy and Lotus leaves, making for a very aromatic gin. Spicy, on the palate you will find cinnamon, cardamom and citrus leaving you with a warm finish.

Gordon’s Gin


Founded by Alexander Gordon in 1769, the Gordon's recipe has remained almost untouched since its creation. Triple-distilled, the gin contains juniper berries, coriander seeds and angelica root to name a few. Enjoy in a classic Gin and Tonic.

GORDON’S LONDON DRY GIN TASTING NOTES Aroma- Juniper, herbal nuances, lemon and lime. Palate- Herbal, lemony citrus and crisp. Finish- Mild, spicy and long.

Hendrick’s Gin


Hendrick’s Gin is the number one, premium gin in the world. Distilled with a proprietary recipe blend of 11 botanicals collected from the four corners of the world, the flavoured gin is light and complex with the infusion of essences of Bulgarian rose and carefully selected cucumbers.

TASTING NOTES Aroma- Fresh, floral, slightly aromatic Palate- Spices, floral scents and mild tingling. Finish- Lingering with floral and citrus notes and the smoothness of cucumber.

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin


KI NO BI (“The Beauty of the Seasons”) is inspired by tradition and is distilled, blended and bottled in Kyoto. Our gin is made in a recognisably dry style, but with a distinct Japanese accent.


Floral and aromatic with refreshing yuzu standing out. Subtly earthy, oak-y elements develop, joined by a kick of ginger.

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Ki No Bi Sei Kyoto Dry Gin


This is the high-strength release of Ki No Bi gin produced at Japan’s Kyoto Distillery.

TASTING NOTES The higher proof allows the distinctive taste of KI NO BI’s flavour profile to prevail. It’s punchy at first on the palate, while retaining the cleanness and harmony of the original KI NO BI. All of the flavours are enhanced while remaining well-balanced. A perfect gin for cocktails.