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Dona Paula Altitude Blend 969


A stunning high altitude blend, where pure juicy berried fruit notes are complemented by hints of jasmine and anise in this elegant and fresh wine.

TASTING NOTES In the nose, Petit Verdot brings aromas of blueberries and jasmine while Bonarda adds intense aromas of blackberries and raspberries. It stands out for its firm tannins and good volume in the mouth, Tannat offers attractive structure and a long finish.

Dona Paula Estate Pinot Noir

TASTING NOTES Colour- Soft and delicate violet-red color Nose- Intense mineral aromas, with notes of graphite, pumice, red fruit and raspberry Palate- A wine of a light and fluid body, with firm tannins and good acidity

Dona Paula Estate Sauvignon Blanc


Dona Paula Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2016. The Estate Sauvignon Blanc from Dona Paula is a delightful white wine from the Mendoza Region of Argentina.

TASTING NOTES Doña Paula Estate Sauvignon Blanc has a pale yellow color. In the nose, intense, typical and fresh aromas. Wild mint, grapefruit and white currant aromas stand out. This wine is fresh, concentrated, well balanced and persistent.

Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec


Los Cardos means, ‘The Thistles’ in Spanish. Their presence indicates an unmistakable sign of good terroir.

TASTING NOTES Deep violet red color. Intense, spicy, sweet aromas, with notes of red fruit and floral hints such as violets. In the mouth, it is soft, velvety, fresh, and well balanced.

Dona Paula Los Cardos Sauvignon Blanc

TASTING NOTES The grapes were grown in renowned vineyards using sustainable agriculture practices. Light green with bright aromas and flavours of fresh citrus, herbs, kiwi, lees and yellow berry. Medium bodied and fresh on the palate with green fruit and mineral-like notes on the cleansing finish. A great 'house' white.

Dona Paula Sauvage Blanc (Sparkling White Wine)

TASTING NOTES Doña Paula Sauvage Blanc displays a pale yellow color. It has very intense aromas of orange blossom and white peach with citrus notes, like grapefruit, and a hint of mint. In the mouth, it has marked acidity, it is fresh, very lively, and persistent.

Finca Decero Amano


Decero Amano encapsulates violet aromatics, layers of flavour and complexity, with a balanced and long silky profile for which the wine is renown. The wine will benefit from extensive cellar time before opneing (15-20 years).

TASTING NOTES Interesting aromas of pine, herbs, juniper and tree bark matched against blueberry and prune, this blend is ripped on the palate, with fine flavors of wild berry, spice and herbs. A lively finish ultimately softens with flavors of chocolate and baked berry.

Finca Decero Clasicos Cabernet Sauvignon


Decero Cabernet Sauvignon has a flavor profile of both cassis and black fruits, a fine backbone of acidity leading it more towards elegance than opulence. Seductive tannins, more silky than those of the 2010 and 2012 vintages, provide the perfect balance and structure for this wine. Great food matching and cellaring potential.


Finca Decero Clasicos Malbec


Decero Malbec encapsulates an intense violet aromas, cherry and raspberry flavours along a silky, medium-bodied profile. The wine has a fine backbone of fresh acidity and a remarkable balance and elegance.


Finca Decero Clasicos Syrah

2013 was cooler than other recent vintages, with cool temperatures throughout the summer and fall, plummeting particularly at night time. As such we decided to pick our grapes in Remolinos Vineyard between 5-7 days later than the average year in order to achieve full phenolic ripeness. These cool conditions also lead to more pronounced acidity and aromatics balancing the seductive tannins.

Finca Decero Mini Ediciones Petit Verdot


This Petit Verdot is one of Decero`s three ‘rare varieties & limited edition’ wines. Of this 2015 vintage only 8182 bottles were made.

The wine has great aromatic intensity, displaying wild blueberry combined with quince notes and spices. Very well balanced, with deep flavours and structured tannins, it has superb ageing potential.


Terrazas Malbec

This wine is in intense purplish colour with red shades, with very expressive, revealing a floral and red fruit profile of violet, raspberry and cherry, with marked aromas of toasted coffee and chocolate. Characterised by a broad and sweet mouthfeel, delicate tannins add finesse to this great Malbec. TERRAZAS RESERVA MALBEC